XL Machineworks LLC.

We offer Full-Service Engineering and Machining Solutions.

XL Machineworks provides 3D printing prototyping services from initial conceptual design to fabrication to inspection services. Our advanced CNC equipment can be utilized in large production runs at significant savings to our customers.

Our experienced team can take the most complex model and create efficient and effective tool paths to make your part in the shortest time and best finish you can find anywhere.

We can help turn your design ideas into reality

  • Start to Finish Prototyping: Full-Service Mechanical Engineering and
    Modeling, CAD/CAM, and Precision Machining in almost any material
  • AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc.Fast
  • Turnaround: Engineering is always on staff

We can make... Anything

Our machined products range in size from hundreds of pounds to mere ounces. Our material’s capabilities include most metals, aluminum, plastics, and composites. In plastic, we can cut anything; Delrin, ABS, PVC, acrylics, Torlon, UHMW, etc.

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